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Niche, post: 49101 wrote:
Tim, the reason why a lot of us have moved away from reciprocal links is they are not as effective as one way backlinks

Regarding one way backlinks, it’s better to collect a few do follow, high quality backlinks than thousands of low quality ones

In my experience, the best way to go about this is article syndication and guest blogging.

Good luck
Niche – Tim,

so often I hear “better” but rarely no good. Yes one way backlinks are better than reciprocal links SOMETIMES, certainly not all the time. The reason Google started suggesting one way links were better was because of the huge amount of reciprocal linking that was going on, most of it with little relevance. So Google decided to discourage it, not by saying they did not value the links but in a very subtle way, almost subliminal, suggested they weren’t happy and then “highlighted” the value of the backlink component of a reciprocal link.

BINGO !!!! – SEO experst and webmasters worldwide interpret / perceive Google to mean they do not like reciprocal links – the huge volume of recirprocal linking slows considerably to a more “genuine” level – Google have achieved what they wanted, natural linking not “forced”. BUT in doing so they created another monster in its place, the baclink industry. Now they are suggesting concerns about that – again forced linking, not in line with their ethos of “providing quality search results in line with the searchers requests”.

Reciprocal links were never bad (I know you did not say they were bad Niche)inbound (back) links were the better part of the two way linking process for ranking, obviously – and they still are. Matt Cutts of Google has recently conceded that reciprocal linking was never off the map and indeed they have a preference now for relevant reciprocal links than just links period. Of course they have a preference for “relevance” in links period – often the best relevance links come from reciprocal links because they have been sought / researched / agreed to by both parties and generally with no money changing hands as compared to purchased backlinks (most of which have little relevance – in fact many paid for backlinks are from lapsed domains, they are ok for a while until Google crawls a few times to see that the site is stagnant and the brownie points for that link get reduced.).

Hence, in my humble opinion, I believe reciprocal links are in many cases better than a straight inbound link. Some one way links are good, like from forums like this and other “authorative” sites (online mags, .org organizations etc) however from a subject / topic / product / market viewpoint it is extremely difficult to get one way backlinks from those that count, not impossible but difficult. Example – my currect sites focus on consumer electronics – there is no way I am going to bet backlinks from Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc etc however I “may” be able to get a recirpocal link if they like my site, like their product exposure on my site.

So getting recip links from the next tier down (large retailers / wholesalers) is the next target then competitors. YES, COMPETITORS …… especially in the dot com world the world is a big place with lots of customers to go around – if co-operating with a cyberspace competitor gets you a high PR and that in turn gets you business then why not?? Why do the fast food outlets, furniture stores etc all promulgate these days next to each other or in close proximity (car yards have been doing it for eons) – CHOICE – people like choices. Lets go and get a Macas burger ….. hey, I haven’t had KFC for a while I’ll have that today – and so on. Gettin a competitor to recip link with you is not easy but can be done – it is all in the approach. If your competitor is a true business person they will see the benefits to them also. A fairly easy approach to get good quality links in the same field / product is to target sites with different ccTLDs – e.g. if your site is a .au then approach all the .com sites, .co.uk, .ca etc etc – some may also sell in Australia but the percentage would be small.

It is really a matter of time – time to surf – make your email a template then personalize it before sending adding comment in it about THEIR SITE (colour / product range / presenation etc – make them feel warm and fuzzy so they perceive you as a fellow business person noit a “competitor”).

My eleventeen cents worth – so Tim, I will be in touch by PM to see if my sites interest you for linking ( I have 7 currently – some are below in my signature – and by the way if you only have one site it is ok you can stiil have seven links from me if you so desire – if we are both happy to exchange that is).

Mike – excuse spelling errors – can’t be bothered proof reading – :)