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– On your website you have great images of Chinese business, pictures of factories, ships, containers etc.

Set up a directory of “Images of Chinese business”, collect hundreds of images of Chinese business activity, put a note at the top saying “All images are copyright SilkRoad, you may use these images in your website, blog, newspaper or magazine as long as you include a “image from http://www.silkroadtrade.com.au” note.

Google search for anyone who has written blog articles or web content about Chinese manufacturing, email them saying “Love your writing on Chinese manufacturing, in the future you are most welcome to illustrate your articles with images from our “Images of Chinese business” directory.

– If you’re not familiar with ‘infographics’, search for the term in images.google.com
Find an interesting/clever way to visualize public information.

Search the Bureau of stats and other public sources for China trade statistics.

Graph the growth in Australian imports from China over the last 30 years in some interesting way. Once you have some interesting well presented graphics email all the business bloggers you can and say “Your readers might be interested in some statistics we put together on Chinese imports”.

– Survey Australian academic economists (especially ones with blogs, such as http://www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/ ) with 4 questions on China. Then publish the results, “X percent of surveyed Australian academic economists think China trade will….”.

Let all the academics know when your published the survey results and issue a press release to the media.

– Survey Chinese academic economists about what they think about Australia. Once you have the results issue a press release. “40% of surveyed Chinese economists think Brazil will overtake Australia as their main resource supplier”, or whatever the case may be.

– Get your man in China to do street interviews with people on the street asking them what they know about Australia, make it funny, post the videos on your site along with an article about cultural relations between Australia and China, send out a press release linking to the article “Kangaroos for dinner, what the Chinese think about Australia”.