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Unfortunately a major miss for me to.

If I saw your page and wasn’t reviewing it, my instant reaction would be to leave.

The loading thing is bad and the further to the above comment, you actually aren’t even going to get your homepage lists – as far as Google is concerned there is nothing there. In fact I don’t think your page is even indexed in google that I could find, let alone ranked properly. Even typing in your domain name google makes other suggestions and doesn’t list you.

Now i’ve seen some beautiful sites that also fail in this regard, but provided they have other sources of traffic besides search there may be some reason to keep it like this (even though I would debate there are better ways). In your case however I find the site to be an eyesore and it hurts my eyes to read it – I stopped reading bright green on black 15+ years ago and I don’t plan to go back. Some of this stuff may be technically clever, but it lacks a “design factor” and I can only see it appealing to people who identify themselves with the “haXor community” and the like, and not to the general public and especially not most business people.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, just my opinion.