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Hi Aspect Legal,

Welcome to the forums. Nice to see a fellow lawyer here (I’m a qualified lawyer too, but I don’t currently practise – instead I run my own web design business).

I agree with some of the suggestions already made by others here.

LinkedIn.com could be a useful professional social network for your type of business (if you’re not using it already).

Facebook Pages would be useful too.

Twitter – depends. Some types of industries have more success on there than others.

Personally, I believe one of the best things you could do would be to build your website in WordPress and start a law blog on there. This way, once or twice a week you can post useful articles about the law, written for the type of person who might need your services.

Then you can use Facebook and Twitter to promote your articles, and get traffic to your website.

Personally, this is the sort of approach I use.

Although my business is in web design and development, I write a blog about small business at http://www.wecancreate.com/blog – the purpose of this blog is to help people get their own businesses off the ground.

So sometimes I write about the legal steps required to start a business, other times I’ll write about online marketing, useful book reviews, etc. Take a look to see how this sort of thing can work.

My blog has helped me drive quite a bit of traffic to my website, and I have no doubt that with a very targeted law blog, you could have quite a bit of success online. I find that very few law firms actually do this.

Anyway, those are just some ideas. Feel free to contact me at my website if you’d like to chat some more about any of the points I’ve mentioned. :)