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Thanks guys for all of your information, really useful.

My name is Joanna by the way – sorry. I have kicked off using twitter, facebook and linked in (both for this and another business I have that is a little more relevant to social media) – but the comments on using a blog sound like the thing I was looking for to finish it off (although I’m not sure that I am completely clear on the difference between a newsletter and a blog). I have launched into newsletter software by using campaign monitor – with a plan of linking from the campaign monitor generated newsletter into the full version of the newsletter on my website (which is where my current CMS/blog issue fits it). I have also been weighing campaign monitor against mailchimp, not sure if anyone has any perspective on the difference. I have a number of different newsletters (5 in total) that I produce on a twice monthly basis, so given the frequency it seems that perhaps mail chimp might become a better solution.

Anyway, thanks again for all of the suggestions – WordPress it is then!

And Jayne, I also look forward to getting involved in trademark and other legal chatter.