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I dont think its that confusing – I need some foam for presentation boxes which not only hugs the item inside and protects the corners, but looks good as well. There is nothing like trying to sell a high end product when the packaging looks bad. ;)

I was asking for referrals since I dont know anyone else to ask and my attempts at contacting suppliers directly hasnt been too successful so far – no one has replied previously, even to ask for clarification or “sorry we dont do small orders”.

Its very frustrating ;)

Basically the items are pieces of art, not more that 5mm thick. The hanger mount on the back is 12mm thick. The dimensions of the piece is 6in x 6in, the hanger is probably going to be about 3.5in x 3.5in – centered. The presentation boxes are probably going to be 8in x 8in. I dont know the exact sizing yet because Im doing samples and seeing how it all goes together.

eta: upon saying that, Ive received a quote from someone I JUST emailed – hurrah!