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We do paper, cardboard & plastic recycling and very often when I meet new people I’m asked that question about what I do.

Technically, I drive a truck because for obvious reasons the recycle material isn’t getting picked up any other way but instead I tell people that I operate a Recycle Business, following common questions are “What do you recycle” and then sometimes “How we recycle it” if the conversation is still going the’ll eventually want to know why someone would recycle there cardboard or paper instead of just throw it in there general waste and that point it just gets a bit boring, unless you actually operate a business of your own and are having issues with disposal of the paper/cardboard/plastic waste in which then if they are you’ve likely to have just made a new customer.

I’ve been in this for just over 12 month now, pre-this business I was a IT Technician serving in a multi role also IT Manager for a medium sized business (120 desks on 3 office floors) and what I used to be able to say about what I do was so simple compared to now.