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Power Protect, post: 49059 wrote:
Hmmm, plenty of people willing to throw ethics out the window.
How would you feel about it snow if you built up your brand and sales and someone else started bringing it in and selling it even cheaper than you?
I would probably feel hard done by, the same as the corner store owner feels when woolworths builds in their town and the same as the local surf store feels when one of the Billabong or Jetty Surf stores sets up.
Before i go further thanks for your replys as i joined here hoping to ruffle a few feathers and generate some interest in a market that baffles and intrigue,s me.
You missed my point entirely

The legal $ have nothing to do with exchange rates, it is what you are going to be paying when the guy with the distribution RIGHTS takes you to court. You could lose everything, including your house, car….paying off the legal fees of defending what you are doing.
I got your point and was hoping you would answer my question. When someone buys the distribution rights for a particular brand does that give them the legal right to be the sole distributor of that brand in Australia ?
I think not, i think that is an agreement with the company that they will not supply anyone in Au.
Ive had plenty of advice along the lines of you cant do that or the big boys will get you. But im looking for. Hey Snow if you import a commercial quantity of brand name snowboards from the states off a legitimate store at sale price and offer them for sale in Australia you are breaking this particular law.
I would love to set up my store and offer brand name products purchased through my Australian distributor at rrp and live happily ever after. Problem is when 17yo snowboarder joe looks at his $750.00 snowboard in my store he walks outside and the apple i phone tells him he can get the same board in the states for $400.00 delivered to his door in 5 days. This problem isnt going away with the increase in the use of the internet.