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Snow, post: 49085 wrote:
As an example lets look at the leading snowboarding brand in the world. Burton
Burton has an Australian distributor.
Burton will not let their stores in the US sell direct to Australia.
If i buy 50 Burton boards in the US and offer them for sale here in Australia what will happen ?

In my opinion, not a lot probably. It’s the classic example of a gray market. Some people will be happy buying from ‘non-authorised’ distributors, others will want to buy from authorised sources only.

If it gets on the authorised distributor’s radar they may try to affect your supply / buy price via the overseas manufacturer / supplier.

A potentially big issue is how you propose dealing with warranty claims. As an Australian seller, you’ll have warranty obligations under the Trade Practices Act (as someone mentioned above). These can’t be avoided (i.e. you can’t just refer people to the manufacturer) and unless you have an arrangement with your supplier, you may have to fend for yourself (which probably means giving a refund and making a loss).


^ This isn’t legal advice – I’m just shooting the breeze