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I know of several people that have looked into this.

Victor raises some relevant points regarding TM.

But as you mentioned the contract that the Australian distributor has can’t include other non related parties and their actions. If you are sourcing direct from the distributor in the agreement and they know what you are doing with the stock, then the Australian distributor will have to take it up with them directly – not you.

However, if you are buying from another source. Or like some business owners I know, buying direct from retail stores or someone other than those in the Australian distributor contract (and there are no Trademark issues as raised by Vincent) there is little they can do – from my understanding.

Yes warranty needs to be taken into consideration as per TPA.

From my own experiences – a lot of customers have become more price sensitive in recent years. So, will they care if it is not the “authorised” Australia distributor if they are saving money?

As someone else pointed out – it is competition. It is what happens to small retailers when a big company like Woolworths move into an area. (I say that from personal experience).

The world has gone global and I think we need to adapt our business practices to suit.

Snow – if you go ahead be prepared to deal with a lot of threats, intimidation and sometimes downright sabotage. You will need a lawyer to confirm the legal side of things. And possible to respond to the above. Factor that into your figures.