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Bravo Power Products and others on my line of thinking.

Trakka, I think you have missed the point on the mosdt part .

Lets turn things around a bit and say snow is going up in competition to you….especially if you have an agreement with the supplier, possibly for sole rights to import.

How will Snow handle warranty issues, probably send em off to the otherr guy…he sounds like he is not willing to do the same investment, but poach and ride oin the coat-tails of of someone else.

I raise the point of Karma again (AKA ethics in business)

trakka, post: 49783 wrote:
How is it not like when Woolworths moves in?

I invested time and money and purpose built a retail store. I purchased stock, signed supplier agreements, spent money on advertising,signage, promo materials and equipment. I worked night and day. I lost money to damaged stock and shoplifters. And then Woolworths moved in, and with their substantial buying power undercut my prices. They could sell prices cheaper than I could buy them wholesale.

Did they “steal” my marketshare? No. They won the business through price.

So, how is that different?

I have a business that imports products from overseas – mainly from the USA. My business stands to be severely impacted if someone decides to parallel import. However, I understand that is part of the business and I went into the venture knowing that it could happen (I know people who parallel import- but different products). If a competitor is able to sell at a lower price and create value than I need to adapt my business practices to compete or at the least review my supplier agreements.

If Snow goes ahead with his venture he will be taking the same risks and making the same kind of investments of time and money, as those selling the same product already.

There are some new products and services introduced every year, but the majority of businesses are started as someone thinks they can do it better or introduce a product or service that is not yet available in an area.

Does that mean the majority of start up businesses are “stealing” from existing ones?