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I haven’t had fish and chips for a while, but I grew up having them nearly every Friday night had the pleasure of enjoying fish and chips from the Queenscliff Fish & Chip shop in Queenscliff, Victoria every holidays. They are the best I’ve ever eaten.

They were always packed and had queue’s out the door and they were the only fish and chip I have seen do the following:

1. They provided a good selection (but not over the top) of fresh fish that was displayed on the front counter. It was always fresh, not frozen and there for all customers to see.

2. They would batter the fish and potato cakes (scallops for Sydneysiders) on demand. ie they would take the fresh fish from in front of you and batter it in front of you before frying. The batter was awesome and was always light and crunchy. It was there unique selling point and the reason why everyone loved their fish and chips.

They also used to make their own potato chips which always tasted good.

Hope this helps.