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There are a number of good online providers, but the real question is not about the cost of doing it online, but about what advice you have or need on the correct structure, constitution, share classes, etc. J.Zkan says “Hate people that take advantage of people with no knowledge!” but isn’t it precisely because you have no knowledge that you should be paying an accountant (who is a professional with time spent getting a degree, chartered and then public practice) to make sure you have done the right setup? If you are just doing a single company and have done them before numerous times then that’s great, but do you own the shares in the company, or will you use a family trust to own them and then have a trustee company. We see plenty of people who decide to sell a successful business 3-5 years down the track who discover that the few $ they saved doing a DIY company are dwarfed by the tax bills for poorly structuring. Just because you can probably use Web MD to work out if you have a melanoma, and there is probably a youtube on how to cut them out yourself, and its cheaper – does that mean you should avoid using a doctor?
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