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Thank you Roshan, it seems I might be on the right path here re XMind.

I have been fiddling around with XMind a bit in my “spare time” and have been quite impressed with even the free version. The paid version seems to mostly expand the collaboration possibilities and since I work on my own (in the development department) that’s fine with me. I particularly like the way I can attach files and links to branches and I can see that it could easily work pretty well for organising say research material.

As an example of its use, I was playing around with it one evening and my wife noticed what I was doing. She had a meeting to chair a few days later that would be dealing with a complicated issue and asked me to install XMind on her laptop. She had only a brief explanation from me as to how it worked and after the meeting said it had been VERY useful for making notes about all the various issues and comments being thrown at her.