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mexham, post: 49164 wrote:
Hi Laura,

Welcome to the boards, and congratulations on your successful business.

I always hear you shouldn’t go into business with a friend, but I too started a business with a friend and we still are doing great another 2 years on. I think as long as you are clear and structure things well there shouldn’t be any major issues you can’t resolve. Also pays to have regular meetings to discuss just the business (aside from the actual work, eg, direction, purpose, goals etc) and ensure you are still both heading/thinking in the same direction.

All the best, cheers,

Hi Mike,

I’m really lucky that Sarah and I have the same vision for our business.

BTW – just checked out your website and I am sooooo ordering a hammock! The one I had totally died and as I know the weather will eventually improve you are the man to see! They are fantastic!