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FS Concierge, post: 49143 wrote:
And nice photo, by the way :)

Thanks Jayne, thought it was about time I put one up!

Samot, post: 49146 wrote:
That’s pretty much a perfect guide, what I tend to do after sending a site live is install the google xml sitemap plugin, run it and generate the sitemap, then add the site to google webmaster tools and submit the sitemap there.

Maybe I’m being a hypochondriac but I seem to think that changes to my google listings happen faster then when the site isn’t listed on google webmaster tools.

Hi Samot,

Thanks for the reply, I definately agree using XML sitemaps plugin it important, as is Webmaster tools. I’ve also found the same thing you have, that it seems to help get indexed quicker. Thanks for mentioning this.

One thing to note though, if we are talking WordPress specifically, i’d always make sure you set your Permalinks up properly (ie change from the horrible default to a better setting as i’ve outlined in my blog post) before you add your sitemap/sitemap generator. Reason being the permalinks will change the default address where your content address is located. Of course the whole point of sitemaps is to show search engines where your content is and the canatonical URL’s setting will help sort it out eventually, but overall I think it’s better to get the permalinks right first.