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marvelit, post: 49788 wrote:
i dont get too many calls, but i do get a lot of emails coming through my contact page with the same thing.

i guess that they wouldnt do it unless they were getting a response from it!

In a lot of cases I think you will unfortunately find that they haven’t even personally visited your site. Rather, it’s just a “bot” that fills in contact forms and submits them.

Pretty annoying really, as people get sucked in by thinking someone thinking they have read my site and may know some specific stuff to help me.

The ironic thing is the higher I get in the search rankings, the more people I have offering me SEO services. Obviously they find sites in Google and spam them, but if i’m already being found it defeats the purpose a bit. Where they may have luck is with sites stuck on page 3 or 4 who really want to get to the top. Overall though, it’s a numbers game.

I also wonder how many of these actually WILL offer good SEO advice and services and how many are just scams!