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homes, post: 49583 wrote:
Hi Jayne,

We are a real estate agency portal, advertising property from various estate agencies. The project is a work in progress and we’d appreciate some general comments on usability, speed in loading pages and layout.


Hi Homes,
Your site is in one of the most competitive search markets. Perhaps your post is hiding some important facts from us.

First question, how are people going to find your portal?

From the quick look I had, you will not get many search engine referrals. Is your plan to buy sponsored links?

You say you are importing content. Does that mean there will be other websites carying identical descriptions of the same properties? If so, this will hurt you in attracting visitors to your site from the search engines.

If you want to rank #1 for the phrase “real estate Sydney” in the organic search results, I can get you there. One small problem, you will need a six figure budget per year to enable me to achieve it as I will need to employ a large team of people to implement this objective.

Before you request feed back on usabilty, speed and layout issues, you need to consider how you will attract visitors to your site. If you don’t attract visitors, no one will see your graphics.

As things stand, your portal looks like it could have major financial problems looming.