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Tim Davies
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ideallife, post: 49264 wrote:
tired of the current job, and thinking of start my own business by importing some clothing from China.

Heard and checked that there is under $1000 tax&GST free thing, but wondering is $1000 only the goods value (invoice, i mean) or it has to include all freight and other charges? And do i need a broker to help me do the clearance or can i do by myself (i mean, under$1000) or i can do it myself?

And one more question, as to the label, I am not going to register my own brand, can I just import overseas brands (not those big brands, of course) or have to leave it blank?

thank you for helping me, really have not much idea how to start with it ~~

Hi, yes $1000 will be the value of the goods from the factory. You wont need a broker to do the clearance if you use a courier company to bring the goods in. If you bring them in by sea freight, you will need a freight forwarder to help and do the clearance. Im guessing though, if its less than $1000 in goods you’re considering purchasing it’ll be a small box or a couple of boxes which wont make sense to sea freight in.

Im not sure where you’ll be able to purchase less than $1000 in goods from a supplier in China and still be able to get a wide enough ranges of styles/sizes though. MOQs from China are far higher than that, and if you do look for an oppotunity at super low MOQs there are a lot of unscrupulous people presenting as suppliers to catch people looking at advanatgeous volumes online. With that sort of opening order I’d consider a different option than China. China would become viable if you were looking at 3-5-7 k at least. The freight alone for the $1000 of stock you’re thinking about would be at least $300 even if you go with a cheapish courier.

On the label issues, yes id be very careful to stay away from anyone claiming they can sell you any brand you already know. This simply wont be true. You’re best to go for something unbranded, but there should be heaps of that around. Like i said, im not sure about the volumes you’re interested in though. You’d probably also want to see a sample of at least one item before ordering a range of stuff, just to qualify the sizing as well.

Fire away if you have any other questions.
Good luck.