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Melinda B, post: 49494 wrote:
Navigation and information on the first page.

To be honest, I’d have the Home page layout the same as the other pages and put text in the centre of the page – improve your SEO, tell people what you do and how they can sell and/or buy charms.

Make your navigation crystal clear and really obvious. Make it stand out. Try a solid colour behind your nav bar, and make the words bold and larger for a start.

I’ve just noticed too, on your nav bar the Home link is in the middle. That should be on the left because that’s where people expect it to be.

And I’d reverse the colours on your sold and for sale items. People expect Red to be sold out, it’s a Stop sign and green is Go or buy. At the moment you have red writing on the for sale items and green on the sold.

Great points thanks Melinda✿