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Hi there,

This a question that has been bothering me for ages. I am in the travel industry, a travel agency to be specific. To us it seems that everyone out there has all of a sudden become an expert in travel and can do everything on the net. In fact there is a recent study somewhere out there, which says, that most pple perceive travel agents to be more expensive than what you would pay for the same product on the net. This of course is true in some cases but not in every case. But the perception is everything and that is the dillema we are facing. So back to your question – we have actually created a new office, new look, new name, new branding, the lot from A to Z. All with a specific purpose in mind – to look different. At first we were worried that all of our clients will simply “walk”. But no so. we now look the part and consequently have no quarms about charging for what we do. Those who are looking for “the cheapest” will always find it somewhere else, and thise who want to deal with us and are happy to pay for it keep coming back to us.
Not sure if that ansers the question but that’s how we have dealt with the “you are too expensive” perception.