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Thanks for the feedback so far.

What are you trying to rank for? Your title says ‘Home Delivered Fruit and Vegetables’, looking at the Google Keyword tool, this isn’t a high search term. Other similar terms such as ‘fruit and veg delivery’ rank better.

We target ‘home delivered fruit and veg sydney’ or similar terms.
They convert the best based on our adwords campaigns. I will definitely look into the ‘Fruit and veg delivery’ thansk for the advice, i havnt looked closely for a while now.

Again, what term are you looking to rank for? Do you show up on page 2 – 30? Make sure you complete all the sections with targetted content.

oh i just noticed im included now, dont worry about that part…thanks so much for your input though.

Just a quick question do you have a list of stock or when someone signs up do they just say what they want and you find it.

When users log in they have a list of items they can choose or they canm slect items they dont want. We fill the box up with whatever is in season including their selection minus what they dont want…..i know this is confusing but if we were to do it differently we would have to weigh everything.

If you want to look just log in using user / pass as 1 / 1. Orders wont go through on this login so have a play if you want.

Thanks for the feedback so far