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Hey Guys (Geoff / Scott / Corneliu),

Really don’t want to get into a head to head argument on this, it really doesn’t help the potential user reach an informed decision: for the record Saasu is (in my humble opinion) a great product. I just happen to prefer Xero.

But also for the record if we’re going to debate the merits lets get the facts right. Independent reviews from Software Shortlist & PC User have both in the past few months ranked Xero ahead of Saasu, so it seems to me fair to say Xero must have something going for it.

Of course each prospective client’s needs are unique, so it really is a question of matching those needs to the functionality of the products available. To simply quote that “Saasu blows them all away” doesn’t make much sense. It blows away all these products, in all circumstances for all clients? Get real!

Not sure Corneliu why you believe that having your inventory in a separate database means having to “live with data not always being perfect”, whereas you are confident that you can integrate Saasu with “other products (Google Contacts, FreshBooks, Business Catalyst, eBay, Campaign Monitor and lots more)” without problems. Note that I am not suggesting that having data in multiple databases does not create some issues (though these can be managed), rather I am disagreeing with the idea in your post that having multiple databases only creates issues between Xero & Unleashed, not between Saasu and “other products”.

And as for the comment “Payroll, no clue how it’s done by the partners of Xero”, the answer is really simple – one click. Happy to show you.

The costings in Corneliu’s post – hhhmmmm, I’m sure there are many clients with just that combination of not too many employees, no multi currency, not too much complexity in their stock, etc who could get all their needs met by Saasu’s $25 version. Of course if they needed multi currency, or if they needed more complex stock, or if they need automated pays, and so on they could be paying $35 per month, or $95, or $180, or even POA! Then the price comparison to Xero looks very different. I should aslo add that I don’t have any clients paying as much as $113.85 per month for their software.

As I said at the top Saasu is an excellent product. After looking at both Saasu and Xero late last year I opted for Xero both for my own business and as a solution to recommend to clients. I did so because I felt Xero had a number of advantages (and that these were more substantive than “looking sexy”, but on that one, damn I gotta agree with you it does look good).

More importantly the origin of this thread posed a very simple question: is Xero going to be enhanced to include payroll and inventory, to which the answer is yes.

So Bob if you’re still reading after all this, good luck picking through all these options. I would be happy to chat to you about the pros and cons of these various options (and if I come to the conclusion that Saasu is the best option for you I would tell you so),

Cheers, Rhys