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Marc Lehmann
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Scott R, post: 49558 wrote:
Hi Rhys,

Sorry if it seemed like I wanted an argument. I really wanted to know why you thought unleashed was a better inventory system than qb or saasu. The inventory module is the most important part of the decision making process for my client.

I have since signed up to both xero and saasu trials. I haven’t been able to work out an easy way to attach a commission agent to a client and then prepare a commission report in xero. I had a quick look at their partners but nothing stood out. Am I missing something?


Hi Scott,

In Saasu you can attach sales/affiliate people as “ContactManager” or as a tag being their initials or name. Note we have RCTI”s for processing commissions in Saasu and also auto purchases created of Sales where you want to create a commission purchase immediately at the Sale creation time. It’s in the “Do More” drop down in a Sale transaction.