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Hi Harry,

In my view the answer is a definitive “it depends”!

If your client knows the price you get the product for they might expect you to pass on some of that discount. If you are about to charge them big $$$s for services / fees then you might want to pass on all the discount. If they are a smaller client & this is a smaller job you might want to just charge them the “retail” price. I guess there are ocassions where you might mark up beyond retail. So I really don’t think there is a one size fits all answer to this.

As a comparison in my business I often sell MYOB to a client, and sometimes I sell it at less than I buy it for! Why? Becuase the major retailers have it on special at less than my buy price from MYOB – but if I make enough on consulting fees I am prepared to lose a few dollars on the product. But if there is not a special on I don’t offer this same discounted price.

Not sure this helps you much, as I say it really is in my view an “it depends” situation.

Cheers, Rhys