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altima, post: 49575 wrote:
Well, maybe some people after reading this article will make better buying decisions :)

haha. :)

Well, I think the best people to educate on their moral responsibility is sales people. However maybe that is just as futile :)

altima, post: 49575 wrote:
As for me personally, I had not trusted testimonials so much even earlier, but mainly because suspected that they are often fake. Appeared, that even genuine testimonials are not very useful.

Hmm, myself, I don’t think many reputable companies would fake them.

Everyone’s different. Humans are the way they are, the large majority are not born with analytical minds, nor to be independent. Sales is just a numbers game. As your original post says in not so many words….”they work” :)

My main gripe with sales techniques of some varieties is that one sided stories are generally presented as whole truth (by taking advantage of assumed social contracts). Displaying positive in the absense of negative testimonials is usually one of those techniques.

I don’t understand how one could call themselves honest by doing such things, yet this practice is actively accepted and promoted by many people.

Nothing is black and white…

However, I will shut up now as I am taking it off topic :)