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Re: Why testimonials sucks, hey customers now control the conversation!

While there is some debate on the authenticity of testimonials the truth is most customers look on line for advice prior to purchase. There are so many forums for customers to leave reviews and see what others are saying about you, so if they want to find out, they can.

I think what is better than a testimonial is a case study or as I call them a success story. This has the challenge – what was the problem, the solution – what was done and the result – what was the effect. I think this is helpful because it gives the customer an example of how a service/product works.

The most important element from my point of view is to join the customers conversation because believe me they are looking, searching and collecting information prior to purchase, with or without your information. Where ever your customers are you should be there, joining their conversation. Monitoring what is said about you and trying to service your customers in the best way possible.