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Hi Lucy, got to agree with Adam. Keep it simple, easy to remember and spell and ideally check out if it has already been registered as a domain. (website).

You want it searchable so I would have bookkeeping in the name and go from there. Do a search online and see what comes up. If you can add your location to your name this helps you be found by local businesses.

As for attracting clients, there are a number of places to start. Local networks of small businesses, registering with some agencies, etc. Maybe you need to do some pro-bono work and get some good references.

You need to work out who exactly you are targeting and go from there. If you focus on a niche (builders for example) or people who use (quick books) or those that want book-keeping (online) it will make it easier to target and market and maybe come up with a compelling name!

Why are you different and why would I use you as a my book keeper is always a good point to start. You mention easy in your previous name, I need to know why!

Good luck!