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WAHE, post: 49981 wrote:
Hi John,

Let’s take for example the keyword “SEO” and the key-phrase “SEO consultant”…

I truly think it will have the opposite effect as it will “Set-Apart” the true SEO professionals from the SEO scammers.
If your post had said that most SEO consultants did not know the limits of their expertise and that as a result they were a fool to themselves and a danger to others, then I could have been the first to agree with you.

However, I find nothing to support your postulation that Google’s Instant Search will unmask or make redundant incompetent SEO consultants.

It seems to me that what has been introduced is yet another SEO “buzz” word that will provide more ammunition to the unscrupulous and incompetents to confuse and obfuscate SEO to the average website owner.

Let me repeat what Google employees have said:
“Q: Does Google Instant kill search engine optimization (SEO)?
A: No! Almost every new change at Google generates the question “Will X kill SEO?”’

Here is another response by a respected SEO authority:
“7 Reasons Why Google Instant Makes SEO Dead-on Relevant”

If you are wanting to make the point that some SEO consultants charge a lot of money to target a small number of search phrases and that there may be more cost effective strategies that could be employed to achieve this objective, then I agree with you 100%.

The problem is that I think you are unintentionally misinterpreting what Google’s Instant does in your zeal to find a magic answer to this issue.

It seems to me you have a major credibility problem with the example you cite to support your contention (SEO consultant).

All people have to do is type in every single character and space in this search phrase (starting with the letter “s”) and observe the dramatically changing and irrelevant results that Google serves up with every single key stroke to realise that Instant is unlikely to make a significant change to how they search, nor to have much impact on what we both want which is to unmask incompetent SEO consultants.