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OK here’s my suggestion:

PayPal and email – I assume you print out the orders? In which case have set times of the day when you sit down and print them all out – say 9am, 11am and 2pm, that way you can do them all in one go and know you’ve printed them all. Keep them all in an in tray so you know where they are until they’re processed.

Phone – have a form / order pad that is numbered and each time you take an order fill one out and then put it in the order tray.

Then once or twice a day (depends how many orders you get) take them out of the intray and process them, give them each a unique order number and write on the papers the order number and delivery date and keep them in files for each delivery date. You could have files for each day of the week if it’s easier.

So, say you have a “Monday” file – on Monday morning take all the papers out and go through one by one packaging up each order and then put the paperwork in another file marked “sent” or something. If you give each bit of paper an order number and file them in sequence it’s easy enough to find if you need to refer back to it for any reason.

Is that the kind of thing you meant?