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hey Mike….

Super Gab to the Rescue:

Ok… welcome to the “checking ranking nightmare”

This is the way google “gives you results”

Google detects your IP and by default give you Google.com.au
That’s why someone like me with so many USA customers use a proxy IP from the USA to trigger Google USA

Now… google also can “read” your cookies, and even previous google cache history in your browser…. so that also trigger Google.com.au

So if you even try to delete the .com.au and put .com in the URL… mmm that will not work.

Quite annoying isn’t?

So there is a solution

check http://www.scroogle.org (for the love of god do not write that address with .com ) is .org

this is the url —> http://www.scroogle.org
is mainly a Google Scrapper that gives you the EXACT result from Google main servers (the ones in Palo Alto I think)


Regarding hosting:

I rank 1st in Australia for many keywords with many clients…
and I do not have any hosting in Australia.
in fact I hate Australian hosting providers.
So does hosting affects SEO?
I doubt 100%.


I hope that helps mate.

*** Keep in mind that once you are REALLY an authority a .com.au will be able to also rank in the top 10 in the USA

Go and Google “SEO Packages” in Google USA…
there is only one humble Australian site in top 10….
;) mmmm who owns that site?