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Melinda B
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sluik, post: 49771 wrote:
To be fair to the gentleman on the phone I don’t think he knew the difference between a domain and a subdomain.

I got a subdomain a year ago without any fuss and have been using it as a real world sandpit to get the website’s SEO and practicalities worked out such as a triple2A accessibility rating.
I don’t get this part. I understand why you’d use a subdomain as a sandpit. Why is it important that the guy on the phone understood the difference?

From what I understand, I see no reason why a soletrader using a subdomain needs to register a trading name.
For the purposes of registering a business name it makes no difference if you have a top level domain or a subdomain. If you are conducting business activities on the domain/subdomain then you should have it registered, yes?

If you’re not conducting business activities – whether you’re making money from it or not – then the whole question is moot.