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Hi Debbie,

Congratulations on getting your new website up and well done to Wordmistress and Ali also. Up front i’d say that it’s probably in the top 5% best i’ve seen here in the review section and it’s an overall professional job for a small business website.

A few things I would change or look at, not that they are wrong just a few thoughts, and most are subtle changes only.

1) There is a lot of text on the home page, which is great, but you need to make it a little bit easier to read/skim read. For example i’d change the first line which says who you are and what you do to be in bold to draw peoples eye to it – in the big lot of white it’s hard to draw the eye to where to start.

2) The services page could do with some more images to break it up. Also the different boxes don’t line up properly in terms of where they finish and so looks a bit out of whack. Overall i think this page just isn’t visual enough.

3) Why outsource is good, could do with an image or too

4) Same with the how it works page.

5) The “Sign up for tips and tidbits” is a bit vague – what am I signing up to? An email blast? A facebook page? An RSS Feed? etc.

6) On the contact page teh LinkedIn and Twitter icons are sitting really strangely for me in IE8 (admittedly it is with Skypes annoying numbers thing on so that may be part of it)

Overall it’s very clean, clear and professional. I’m not saying plaster it with rubbish stock photos, but a few carefully chosen photos here and there will just liven it up a bit and will actually make the text more inviting to read.