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Hi Tim,
I can’t think of any social media site that is likely to be as profitable to you as being found in the SEs. One of the first questions should be, where are your potential customers located? Are they in Aust, NZ, USA, etc.? The answer to this question creates a huge variation in online marketing tactics.

You have Google Analytics installed on your website. That is probably the best analytical tool available to you.

As Aidan has said, it is unlikely StumbleUpon will be much value to you – and I think he was being generous.

So many of these bookmarking sites are special interest group specific.

You are in the B2B marketing space. The people you want to contact are too busy to waste their time playing on social media entertainment sites.

You also need to understand that the Google Keywords Tool is completely, totally and absolutely useless to you for identifying specific keywords.

The problem is that very few people believe this. The opportunity is that the successful site owners do and they get the search engine referrals.

First, you will need to find someone who can tell you why Google is having trouble indexing some of your web pages.

Solve this problem then turn to your important search words.

I presume from your name that you source resources from China. If this is so, you want to score a lot of search engine ranking points for search phrases that include, “China”. Google only sees this word on around 33% of your site’s pages. Why so few pages? That simple fact is a relevant SE referral killer.

Forget about StumbleUpon, work on getting your site found with the widest range of relevant search phrases.

I’ve never tackled this market but if you want an example of how to target a specific market and the results that can be achieved, please send me a private message.