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Thank you so much for your response sixx!!

Good thing is that i have already got a pay per download option, but once again maybe the price is too high – they are set at $9.95 ea.

I like what you say about there being a product that they want and maybe i should look at the pricing, I only have one member at the moment and they would always be happy enough to receive an email to say the price has dropped too, so no real problem there. I have been thinking of dropping the price to $24.95 and i could make the individuals something like $4.95 and then i guess it is just a matter of building the content.

You have brought to mind 2 options – i could advertise on the site for ‘footage wanted’ and market it to the film makers and keen artists and offer a commission – like we see in stockfootage sites like istockphoto and/or i could contact some videographers here on the coast to see if they would be interested in producing some footage on a higher commission rate??

Is there any way i can keep the costs down for the buyers by selling advertising space on my site?? or is this only really available for sites that have a large revenue?

Cheers again and thank you for getting me thinking!!!