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Hiya Mel,

Have to agree with John also regarding price, Up if anything but I think the biggest hurdle (if you continue with subscriptions) is finding the appropriate point between your subscriptions costs and one off download costs. My price example in my last post was based on your $600 per annum subscription fee @100 currently available apps, so if you were happy with that then the $9.95 is probably about right for individual downloads.

One thing that did cross my mind with the monthly unlimited subscription fee, is there anything stopping me signing up, paying my $49.95 and downloading all 100 apps then never to be seen again? if this is possible I would scrap the monthly fee and make it annual or you could end up selling your 100 apps for $0.49 each.
Another option is having an 100 app pre-paid pack, 50 app pack and so on. Clients can pick and choose how they spend their credits as you add more stock.

Will you need a qualified videographer to do what you require or is there scope to train someone to do only what is applicable to your business? I wouldn’t necessarily pay a Landscape Gardener $175hr to plant a couple of tress when all I need is someone who can dig holes. Maybe you could teach someone the part you require or get a student studying sound and vision already on a part-time comission basis. They’d love the experience and it’s a chance to make some money.

You do need some solid data though. Questions answered from prospective markets.
Get a survey on your site or send them out to prospects (even offer a free sample download for completing it).
You need to start getting some numbers together, would they use it, how many, how often, what incentives would make them use more often, what is a fair price point, what is stopping them from signing up etc.

Really looking forward to how your business progresses. Hope you can keep us posted. :)