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Hi Beth,

Sounds like the retailer is trying to co-brand with your product. This could include either:

  • including their logo on the packaging, product or both
  • a permanent or temporary (e.g sticker) association on your product

Without knowing your product, or why the retailer suggested the co-branding arrangement, I don’t see a lot of upside for you in this strategy. You rightly pointed out that you want your customer to associate the product with your brand – not the distribution channel brand. Sure, it helps if they know that they can buy your product from a certain distributor, but that’s not a key driver.

A co-branding arrangement could work through exclusive distribution rights, but given you’re probably in the early stages and looking to grow, this could be prohibitive. You’ll need to assess.

It’s good to also plan for relationship breakdowns. What happens if you and your supplier have a disagreement and no longer wish to use them? Your product is still co-branded.

In terms of tailored products, you need to assess the opportunity. What’s your return on investment (at different price points) for your tailored effort, vs economies of scale with your regular product. There may be an opportunity, but it may not be viable.

Good luck,