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smallspark, post: 50155 wrote:
Surely businesses can’t be getting a high response rate from cold-calling other businesses that would be annoyed enough about spam calls to list themselves on a do-not-call register? I suspect that if you were cold-calling you could increase your response rate by doing the right thing and removing people who have opted-out from your list.

I don’t actually tend to agree with this. It’s a case of baby being thown out with the bath water.

Say a receptionist is sick to death of some annoying person ringing up constantly trying to sell say toner cartridges, long distance phone services, or, heaven forbid, SEO and website directory listings. They then get frustrated and list the company on the do not call list as a reaction one particular unprofessional telemarketer, without even thinking about any further implications.

If this then makes it illegal for your or I as a micro small business to contact that same business via phone, with the intention of establishing a business relationship (ie a sales call) even if they were a local business in your area. I think that is just rubbish. Remember, it’s not just telemarketing centers it affects, it’s ALL business to business cold calls.

I believe small business owners like us need to put our “business owner” hat on, not our “annoyed consumer” hat on when thinking about this issue. Far from trying to push for us to stop being bothered, I believe we need to look at the future implications on our own businesses, and fight to stop business listings on the do not call list, not to get them on!

I mean no personal offence to you Kenny and your new business idea, but I really don’t like it and I agree with the Small Business Council that this sort of thing is a bad idea.