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marketingweb, post: 50186 wrote:
If on the other hand it needed a signed declaration from the business owner/managing director to get on the list rather than a simple online form, this may work as only those who truly wanted to be blocked would be, and those who are just being reactionary wouldn’t bother.

I would agree with that point, I think that sounds like a perfectly reasonable requirement for organisations over a certain size.

marketingweb, post: 50186 wrote:
I personally think a far better strategy would be to forget do not call lists, and simply ban all telemarketing calls originating from overseas.

I don’t think it’s fair to have one rule for Australian businesses and another for overseas businesses. Brute force marketers exist everywhere.

marketingweb, post: 50186 wrote:
In bigger organisations this is very formal, in smaller ones it may be as simple as looking in your local phone book all the companies in an industry you service and giving them a call. This sort of thing I see as essential to the flow of commerce.

No one is proposing to stop this sort of thing from going on – only that businesses who want to do that wash their list first. All you have to do is throw it all in an Excel file and use the tools on the do not call register website.

If it was so essential to the flow of commerce, you would have seen that in countries like the United Kingdom where you have been able to register a business on the do not call list since 2004.