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Hi Meli

First of all, let me congratulate you for tackling such a niche market and putting together such a great Ecommerce site. It’s looks great, is easy to navigate and has a reasonable amount of content. Including all the shooting you have done I can just imagine how many hours you’ve put into the site. I hope you are getting the talent at ‘mates rates’ :-)

There are a couple of BIG issues though…

1. There are no heading tags whatsoever. No h1, h2, h3… zilch. This is SEO 101 and your organic search results are sure to be suffering as a result.

2. The 55 second flash video on the front page is a gargantuan 18.5MB. To suck down 18.5MB in 55 seconds, is impossible for almost any PC connected to the internet. (A few lucky Tasmanians on the NBN trial might go close).

The average ADSL1 connection would take 10 minutes to download that video. I’m sure you can imagine what a 55 second clip stretched out to 10 minutes would look like! Actually, try it for yourself; browse to your front page, hold Ctrl+F5 to refresh your browser. That will show you how a first-time visitor will see your site.

Also, the video ends and just leaves a blank white space on the screen. Maybe it could hold on the last frame instead?

3. The logo on the subscribe page is distorted for me (Firefox 3.6.10).

Hope I didn’t come across too negative (maybe should have put the bad news first?)

Best wishes