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Hi Vanessa,

Your request is a contradiction in terms. :)

You’ve tried the inexpensive route and found it only gets you two washes. I’m surprised you want to attempt it again.
You need to try the quality avenue now which of course will come at a cost but because you will get many more washes before fade, it will work out cheaper in the long run. Buy cheap, or invest in quality.

In my experience with getting screen printing done, there is usually a setup fee involved ($75.00 or more) so straight away your tshirts will cost $7.50 ea before you purchase the tshirt and get the printing done. If you purchased more shirts, the setup fee may be excluded from your invoice but because you only want 10 shirts (100 shirts = $0.75 ea), you’ll probably need to pay the setup fee.

Look at quality business’ offering a quality product and compare prices from there. Seeking inexpensive and you’re back to square one.