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Hi Mags, Not sure if your still looking for a resource, but I can definitely help you here. Send me the details for the type of displays your after and we can take it from there.

HealthyChart, post: 50288 wrote:

I currently sell my product on line, which means it is shipped out in a self sealed envelop/bag inside a Post Bag. I want to move into retail sales, so therefore need to have approriate packaging and display.

I am considering only small volumes at the moment to see how it goes, so perhaps 10-20 displays. It is in horizontal A4 format and I have been unable to find a display stand for this format – I’ve looked a Officeworks brochure stands, but they are vertical format. As for the packaging, I think I could use a clear document wallet with snap seal.

Just want to know if I am missing an obvious place to find cost effective solution? Even a custom made cardboard display stand?

Thank you!