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My email, usually, is [email protected]

email account settings on my Mac have ‘Full Name’ for [email protected] set to ‘ProCapture Tuition’

This means that recipients of an email will see ‘ProCapture Tuition’ in their from field, but when they click on that email to view it they can clearly see my name at the top of the message and OR in my Signature (which is simple and degrades nicely to plain text)

In the screen shot below you can see that my most recent email was sent from ‘ProCapture Tuition’

This is very important when dealing with companies of any size since their accounts department will not remember my name or place any importance on my email until they have clicked on it, whereas some sort of description here carries more weight and it is more likely they will remember past transactions

You can see in the 3rd email down that I have sent a message to myself
This is from a different personal address where the account settings for ‘full name’ (Apple Mail) match the ‘myname’ part of my address

Imagine receiving that if you don’t know my name. Totally different.

It’s also quite easy to manage several inboxes, here you can see at the top of the image that I have 3 accounts in a merged view at one time – this includes two professional emails and my personal email

BTW Get onto IMAP as a protocol – it means any message once received is pervasive and available everywhere.
How many get frustrated that email that has been deleted from their phone still appears in their inbox on their computer (doesn’t happen with IMAP)
What if I create a draft on my Desktop and then wish to edit it further and send from my phone while out and about – IMAP


BTW One of the many things I do in my Business is empower people to take control of their own domain so that they can understand and control it themselves