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You can claim expenses for a vehicle used for business purposes. Is it used 100% for business purposes or does your husband also use it for personal use?

Through the trust you would be able to claim a full deductions for expenses involved in running a vechile owned or leased by the trust

Business purpose vehicles
You usually get a deduction for the running costs of these vehicles:
* larger trucks or vans
* smaller vehicles, such as utes, wagons or panel vans, that have been heavily modified for business use, or where private use is restricted to home-to-work travel and very minor other use

If you car is not called as a business purpose vehicle, e.g. it is a:
* ordinary cars, station wagons or four-wheel drive vehicles
* most other vehicles designed to carry less than one tonne or fewer than nine passengers
* utes and panel vans where private use is not strictly limited.

Then you would need to deduct tax using one of these methods:

* cents-per-kilometre method (claim limited to 5,000 km)
* logbook method
* 1/3 of actual expenses method
* 12% of original value method

This video explains more about which deduction method to choose. It is based more around personal tax but the principles are the same

Claiming Vehicle Expenses – A Guide

Hope that helps!

Cheers, Mark