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Thanks Rhys,

Most ERP type software will not offer the “freebie” type download because it will not give the potential client a true look at what the software can do in relationship to what that particular user would need. We do however provide many videos that show how the software works and these videos cover all key areas.

We provide free demos either in house or we can provide the demo online live, through Teamviewer or Mikogo. This is the best use of both of our time.. especially when trying to make as important as decision as this one.

Our particular service is a combination of direct specialist consultant help and training and implementation.

Software generally is divided into 3 categories price wise and any good accounting or ERP package will be in #2 or 3. Specific pricing will vary depending one # of users and support/training needed but in this level it should have the the potential to increase profits and decrease costs. So , if invested wisely, the ROI should make this software “free” in a short period of time.

We sell our package as an all inclusive package. I have grown to dislike the “add-on” mentality. With our system you get the lot. This is pretty well described and shown on the site in the main video.

My main goal here is not so much to push our system, but to get the general word and thought process in business owners around the ERP mentality. We generally would not dream of operating any stable business without some type of accounting software (remember the days of the double entry ledger with pencil and paper?) because all the processes are too difficult, not collaborative and too much info for our brains to process .. and there is better software available.
Well .. now we can have the entire company and all the administrative processes linked together in the same manner that our accounting procedures have gone. A good ERP system is simply the smartest way to do business. Stop spending time on menial administrative tasks .. or looking for something .. or re-entering an address .. and spend more time doing the things that only you can do .. like selling .. or being creative .. or even relaxing.