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I do a report where I analyse around 1,000 search phrases related to Australia and website development. I calculate ranking based on the websites that consistently show up high in the most popular searches. So I feel it is a lot more objective as it’s based on data and maths.

LTSEO came 18,445th

That really surprises me for a PR7 website. I checked the data and they only showed up once in all the search phrases, and at 63rd position. Something strange going on here, the website is not that bad.

My own PR2 website gets me to 4,693rd and it’s less than a year old.

Some of their recognised top 20 businesses do correlate to the top ones in my report. These are the ones that came in my top 100.

Exa 2nd
Net Starter 5th
Web Profits 31st
Kanga International 81st

The online version of my report (see signature for link) shows the top 100 and you can search the 27k websites it discovered to see where you or your competitor is placed.