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I’m just curious as to what your agenda is for pushing this top seo’s site? You seem very set on defending it “despite the evidence” that it isn’t a genuine ranking of top SEO’s, rather it’s simply an advertising forum for SEO companies which I believe it is. Of course they are doing something right – making gullible people think it means something, and then cashing in on people being gullible.

Of course advertising is part of business – and it’s not about crediting or discrediting those who advertise. But you can’t have it each way – it’s either a site to advertise your SEO services on, or an independent rating of SEO companies. And anything that requires a large fee isn’t independent, I think that is Gab’s point. I may be the best and most successful SEO in the world, but unless I give them $1000 they will ignore me. I may be no good at all, but if I pay I get ranked. So it’s not really a valid rating site, just something to fool gullable people into thinking the ranking means something.

My question to you WAHE is why are you always so quick to knock almost all SEO tactics as well as most of the SEO people on this site at every opportunity, yet are so keen to promote this SEO company rating site?

Are you getting some sort of kickback from them?

Or do you have a bee in your bonnet with the SEO specialists on this forum and want to in your mind “prove” they aren’t any good because they aren’t on a particular list?


PS: On Tiggerito’s site my “Holding Page” website ranks position 2003 – not bad for a one page coming soon page! Like your site mate, haven’t come across it be before but it’s really interesting as a concept!