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JohnSheppard, post: 50888 wrote:
Come now, that’d be boring :) Sounds like you are saying that it’s better to make judgment on the site rather than hear real people’s opinions. Only a foolish business person would do that.

John buddy, your opinions are always welcome and I think you are a smart business man so I would like to post one question to you.

Would you agree that businesses within the site are well known reputable businesses and services? Make sure you answer honestly because there would be members in here that are familiar with some of them and you would not want to be seen as foolish by answering otherwise.

JohnSheppard, post: 50888 wrote:
My 2 cents, and in truth I spent 5 seconds look at the site (don’t even need to look)….It’s rubbish that I wouldn’t rely on. Talk to your trusted mates. Find an SEO person that way, marketing is far from a commodity. You can’t rank such things.

The site has definitely reached it’s objective by attracting well known companies and services which many within the online industry know about for their excellent services they provide.

Do you really think some of these reputable businesses would take a chance in tarnishing their reputation by including themselves on this site? Highly unlikely!