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seocourse, post: 50990 wrote:
What about if we all agree I’m the greatest ?

I mean, in that way we can all find a common point … no need to look at “rankings” … or even consider checking Topseoss.com

Just put me in 1st position and then we can try to sort out who will be 2nd , 3rd and 4rd…

In fact, I can register bestSEOpeople.com.au and If Matt agrees to pay me 1K per month.. I can put you in 2nd position.
I can give John 3rd position for $800 per month and Aida you can join 4rth for $500 per month.

What do you think? ;)
Matt… interested? ^_^

Naah Sorry Gabs,

I’ve already registered a bunch of domains like topseodudes, too-sexy-for-their-shirts-seos, theverybestseos and a whole load more…

in .com/ .com.au./ .biz/ .tv/ .info and all the rest

…needless to say I’ve paid myself $1,000 for a review at each one and got listed at them all.

If you link to each one of mine from a glowing blog post and send me $1,000 for each review you want I’ll see where I can fit you in.

Review fees are not refundable.