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Some brilliant comments especially the pregnancy analogy. Sadly this happens to so many people who go into business for themselves without going through some of what’s been suggested by Scott and that’s the reason so many fail – it gets too hard or they didn’t consider basic fundamentals.

To go into business all you need is an ABN NOTHING else; there are no other pre qualifiers. Seeing this happen so often and knowing that the micro and small business start ups (up to 3 years) couldn’t afford coaches or mentors led me to develop Biz Coach Online, which takes you through the critical elements of running a successful business, which I’d be happy to run you through FOC should you decide to have another go. I have posted 14 things to consider when starting a business
http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums/new-member-introduce-yourself/8196-hello-everyone.html#post45610 on FS before

Lastly remember that some people have many attempts before success and if you really want to do it, you are now so much wiser from your last experience.